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We build strong executive leadership teams who use values and common sense to steer organizations.

While most leaders are experts in their fields, they don’t always have the information they need to understand and respond to people in their organizations. Arrants McSwain helps you understand how people really are (or are not) working together and gives you new insights and practical tools suited to your particular leadership style.


5 Questions and 1 Tip for Hiring Consultants

Do you have someone in-house who can do this work for you?

Do you need fresh eyes on the situation?

Who does most of the talking?

When do you get to say “let’s continue” or “no thanks”?

Is it worth it?

Our Best Tip for Hiring a Consultant: Negotiate the relationship.

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Reading our blog can give you an idea of our approach to leadership development.  

While we don't limit our consulting practice to only these 2 subjects, many people are interested in hearing more about Psychological Type and Cultural Intelligence.


Linda Ferster, Congressional Liaison

Arrants McSwain’s leadership training was one of the best I’ve attended in my career. Celia King’s engaging style and dynamic content created an atmosphere of collaboration that gave our group fresh, practical solutions to the challenges we faced.

R. Lantz Long, Counselor

Arrants McSwain takes important psychological ideas and makes them accessible to people in a non-threatening, even fun way. And their workshops help you understand how to apply the information in so many different settings.

If you want to hear more…

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